About Nick

Although I have been a certified personal trainer for over a decade, my fitness journey spans over 20 years. I started training at fifteen years old and I can tell you first hand that nothing teaches you more than experience.

I learned many things over my journey. That the lean muscular physiques of so many of the so called experts in the fitness industry were secretly using steroids. How then could a trainer who cheats and uses drugs possibly get someone in shape naturally? The same goes for all the fancy gadgets and exercise equipment which are all inferior to the greatest piece of exercise equipment to date, the humble barbell.

Then there is the fallacy that the body can be toned and fat burned through high intensity cardio or fancy circuit routines. Without a proper diet and being in a caloric deficit, all those torturous burpees and box jumps will amount to nothing! In fact while dieting, the body is under a huge amount of stress to which high intensity cardio will only lead to burn out. Toning is a myth. A muscle gets bigger and stronger, and when the fat is removed the body appears ‘toned’.

So what is the secret? It is simply getting strong using weight training, and ridding the fat through diet. Yes that’s it, that’s the bottom line. Weight training builds the strength and size of the muscles, and then using a correct understanding of diet, the fat can be starved while the muscle is fed. The rest is consistency and patience!

Let me save you the wasted effort of going at it alone, and the many pitfalls that you will encounter. I will guide you and motivate you every step of the way.

Train with me in a comfortable personal training studio just a few minutes walk from Ealing Broadway Station.

I look forward to training with you.