About Nick

I am a fully qualified Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer. Although I have been a personal trainer for over a decade, my fitness journey spans over 20 years. I started training at fifteen years old and I can tell you first hand that nothing teaches you more than experience.

I learned many things over my journey. I found through trial and error that most of the advice found in the fitness industry and health magazines are simply ineffectual. I trained for many years following the advice of the so called experts for years with nothing really to show for it.

The main reason for this is that there is a lot of misinformation out there which is geared towards feeding supplement company’s. Then there is the introduction of steroids and drugs into the industry. People try to emulate the routines of those who profess to be true experts, but behind the scenes are secretly injecting steroids to build their physiques. Advice and training routines originating from these people is never going to work for a natural trainee.

I learned that getting lean, fit and strong naturally is far removed from the typical advice and routines. It involves getting strong using barbell training in conjuction with a diet consisting of the correct macronutrient ratio. Let me save you the wasted effort of going at it alone, and the many pitfalls that you will encounter. I will guide you and motivate you every step of the way.

Train with me in a comfortable personal training studio just a few minutes walk from Ealing Broadway Station.

I look forward to training with you.