Failure Equals Success

By 29th May 2018Articles

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I have always felt that my experience of training and fitness over the last twenty years has been something that can be applied to life in general.

Being engaged in any kind of physical endeavour over time becomes a journey of self mastery. This is because success in any field only becomes possible when we learn to deal with our own self doubts and negativity. Failure equals success. Or put another way; it is how we handle disappointment, failure and setbacks which determines whether we will achieve success or not.

I have witnessed it many times when I have a client that is making fantastic progress begins to feel discouraged and negative just because progress has not happened in the way they expect or not a fast as they expect. The result is that people get discouraged, lose motivation and eventually give up.

This is a shame because I have noticed that these people are actually progressing quite well and it is simply their own negativity which puts a spanner in the works. It is human nature to focus on the bad. So it boils down to a personal character trait that all successful people possess. That character trait is to continue forward despite all the knock-backs. To see the challenges as opportunities to work on oneself, to make us stronger and more determined.

Many times people become envious, especially in fitness when they see someone in amazing physical shape. They will say, “he must be one steroids”, “he’s just got good genetics” or the more common one I hear, “he has more time”. The truth is these people have worked harder and more consistently. Of course people do cheat and use steroids, but like cosmetic surgery it does not look natural or aesthetically appealing.

Learn how to work on how you handle defeat. When you see defeat as only a minor setback and continue forward no matter what, you will achieve something amazing, no matter what field of eneavour!

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