Start with a FREE Initial 30 Minute Consultation

I want you to feel comfortable before you entrust me to help you improve your health and fitness, so take advantage of a free, no obligation consultation before you decide to take the next step.

Simply pop in to the studio at your own convenience and we can have a confidential, non formal chat about your specific health and fitness goals. Feel free to ask any question you have so that you are are clear about taking the next step. You can also take this opportunity to have a look around the studio and check out the equipment and facilities.

At the end of your consultation there is no pressure to decide there and then, feel free to go home and have a think about it. If you decide you are ready to book your first personal training session, simply contact me and I will book you in for a first session or block of sessions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Prices & Packages

I’ve prepared a range of pricing and package options to ensure you get the best value for money and train the way that suits you. I can suggest what would suit you best following our no commitment free consultation.

1hr Starter Session

£ 50

Keep it simple
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£ 200

Get focused on the new you
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8 Sessions

£ 380

Start feeling the difference
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12 Sessions

£ 540

See & Feel the difference
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4 shared Sessions

£ 240

Per Month
Train with a friend
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If you’re committed I guarantee the results

Frequently Asked Questions

Below I have outlined and answered a number of frequently asked questions about personal fitness training.

Is personal training for everyone?
Yes. Whatever your age, sex or level of fitness you will benefit from personal training. Your sessions will be tailored to suit your own level of fitness and specific fitness goals.

How do I book my first session?
Simply contact me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. We can have an informal chat about your goals and then you can go away and have a think about booking in your first session.

Can I do Personal Training with friends, colleagues, family members?
Yes. This can be a cheaper option for all involved as you will be paying a discounted rate. Please check the prices and packages above.

I don’t have the time to make it to the gym as my work diary is too busy. What difference will a Personal Trainer make to me?
I can design a time-efficient workout program to fit in with your lifestyle. Sessions can be booked at times to suit you and can be as frequent as you like.

If I wanted to do my training from home, what equipment would I need and how much would it cost?
Training at home can be a very pleasant way to benefit from personal training. The type of equipment would depend on the space you have and the goals you want to achieve. I can bring along some very useful portable equipment such as resistance bands, TRX trainer and Focus Pads and Gloves to name but a few. I cover most of West and Central London.

If I trained once a week with a Personal Trainer would that session be enough or would I need to do more exercise outside seeing the trainer?
Yes, you would need to do more exercise in addition to seeing your Personal Trainer. One session a week without doing any extra work yourself will get minimal results. If you want significant results and just wanted to train once with myself, I would advice two more sessions a week on your own. I can advise you on this.

What guarantees will I have working with a trainer and will they get me the results I want?
The only guarantee you have is the amount of commitment you give yourself. I guarantee results but I also require your commitment and discipline. If you can do that you will achieve your goals!

How soon will I see results?
This depends on your current condition and level of fitness. If you stick to my dietary advice you will see a change in your body at the six week mark, after twelve weeks you will see dramatic changes and will totally transform the way you look.

What sort of exercises will I be doing?
Everyone’s program is different. Your individual program will be determined by you and I following your consultation and will be based upon your goals, interests, health history and physical abilities.