Stay Motivated

By 25th December 2016Articles


For this recent blog topic I wanted to cover the subject of motivation and role it plays in achieving our fitness goals. Lets face it, if you are not feeling motivated, you are not going to get very far and will probably give up at the first hurdle. This is one of the main reasons most people give up on their exercise program. Initially there is a high amount of enthusiasm and zeal, the honeymoon period of training. Then after a few weeks of hard work, resistance sets in. This can come in many forms. One of the main forms is not achieving the results as quick as desired. This is the point people usually give up. Its a shame as its right at the point when changes in the body start to appear.

So lets look at the how we can stay motivated….


Be patient. Results come slowly but surely. You have to realise that your current unconditioned state is the result of many months or years of bad diet and sedentary lifestyle. It is going to take come time for your body to change and overcome years of inertia. Think of trying to make a pot out of a lump of clay. You have to inject a lot of time and energy before the clay loosens and becomes pliable enough to reshape. Its the same with the body. Results don’t always come when we wan’t them or how we want them.


Be consistent. As I said before, results don’t always come in the form we wish them to or when we wish them too. We have our own ideas of when we should see results. A lot of time and effort has been put in to our exercise program so we demand that we will see an equal amount of results. It doesn’t alwayswork that way. We need consistency. I assure you as long as you stay consistent, even with a sub par routine you will eventually achieve success. It is like boiling a pot of water, keep the heat under that pot continuously, relentlessly, the water will eventually boil. Even after a long while where it seems nothing is happening.


Inspire yourself. Everyone reaches a point in there training where you hit a sticking point, physically or psychologically. When you chose to move forward in a particular direction, you will always experience resistance. An opposing force so to speak. Shock yourself into a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Go over the reasons you want to achieve your goals in the first place. Follow those you wish to emulate, those who inspire you. Go and watch a film that inspires you! During those dark winter nights, where its raining and we just can’t be bothered to train. Its at those moments that we must make the decision to train no matter what. This is what makes us achieve.


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Enjoy your training. If your training is a chore, and a just a bothersome 30 minutes that you have to spend after work, you are never going to stick to it. Exercise does not have to be a boring chore. You don’t have to force yourself to stay on that exercise bike for a gruelling  and boring 40 minutes! I always get my clients to try some pad-work and have yet to have one person who doesn’t love it! They all comment how enjoyable and immensely challenging it is! Yes you can have a hard workout and enjoy it at the same time. We all have different personalities and natures, and there are similarly a vast diverse amount of ways to train. With weight training, which is my passion, I go into the gym feeling like its my home. Enjoy your training! This is what makes it sustainable.

There you have it. I have highlighted some of the main factors which if addressed will keep you motivated, consistent and keep you moving forward! Good luck with your training and stay motivated!