Client results

Below are just a few client¬†testimonials. They’ve benefited from personal training and so can you.

Neil, Ealing

Nick is genuinely passionate about & great at what he does. Having trained with him for little over 2 months, I’ve already seen significant gains. It was fairly obvious after the first session that he knew exactly what he was talking about. He mixes it up every time, ensures all muscle groups are worked, places major emphasis on using proper form & pushes you to do those few extra reps which you didn’t know you had.

I’m certain that if I continue in the same vein I will achieve my body goals in no time under his tutelage. If you are dedicated enough & listen to exactly what Nick tells you then results are inevitable.

Highly recommended.”

Sophie, North London

“Nick is a fantastic personal trainer and I have learned so much since training with him about form, technique and inspiration for workouts. No session is ever the same and I have already seen a change in my body. Thoroughly recommended.”

Claudia, Ealing

“I have been training with Nick for a few weeks now. He is motivational and his sessions are fun. Seeing results!! Thoroughly recommend!”

Rohan, Ealing

“I have used a few personal trainers over the years, but I have found Nick to be one of the best. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there in the world of fitness and nutrition, but Nick has experience that works. I have found training with him simple and incredibly effective and so would definitely recommend him to others.”

Sue, Hammersmith

“I thoroughly recommend Nick. I have learned so much from him as he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and nutrition.”

Matt, Shepherds Bush

“I’ve been bodybuilding for about five years now and honestly thought that I had tried it all in terms of routines and diets. For the last year I completely stalled and could not gain any muscle or strength. Well the results have blown me away! Thank you Nick!”

Neil, Greenwich

“While training with Nick my strength has improved drastically and I was able to lose fat at the same time. I have lost a total of 5kgs and have completely transformed the way I look. All I can say is thank you Nick!”

Justin, St Johns Wood

“I first heard about Nick through a friend. I noticed a big change in his body and thats what made me interested to ask what he had been doing. He recommended Nick and I booked a personal training package. I have always been painfully skinny and struggled to gain weight and get bigger no matter what I did. Nick showed me what I was doing wrong and taught me all about weight training and nutrition. I have now increased my strength and size dramatically, even to the point that friends and family have made comments!”

Jess, Ealing

“Nick takes the time to get to know you as a friend and is genuinely interested in getting you results. He is motivating and his training and diet advice enabled me to lose 7 kgs over the year I have been training with him.”